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Basically on this topic what can I share with all of you is they are three strategies need that drive organizations in selecting each model. Firstly the need for responsiveness through local differentiation. That means a company who are have many branch all over the world have to give an authority to their branches to make their decision based on their current culture and situation. In term of their system they must to have their own authorities (branch) to work with their self through government policy of their company. Secondly, the need for efficiency through global integration. With this we can say that the HQ of company has authorities to make decision and all the branches must follow it. Lastly the need for learning through leveraging worldwide innovation and knowledge sharing.

Multinational Model

From my understanding this model are creating because of they want to have their own authority to drive this business with their own platform or style. For example HSBC Bank, they have many branches all over the world and each of their branches has their own authority to drive the branch aligned with the current environment and culture of the country.

Global Model

This model is totally different from Multinational Model because this model is reverting with multinational model. Global Model is use the HQ authority to make all decision making and system to all the branches that they have. The driving force behind the global HRIS is a focus on maximizing efficiency and on building a single standardized organization within a uniform operating environment. The example of global company is Toyota Motor, BP, Cevron and else.

International Model

Allowing for local control over many decision, responsibilities and aspect, to carry out the goal. The great advantages of this model are focus on sharing, learning, adapting and transferring knowledge and expertise. This model is useful for development organization that still unbalancing skill set and operation around the world. It allowed for exploiting for innovation and creativity.

Transnational Model

This model is a complexity model that has the entire three models. It is also have ability to respond effectively and swiftly to the demand brought.

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