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Induction is a programme that every company make for new employees who are selected to join the company. Traditionally induction programme being conducted as manually like sent the employees to a programme that conducted at least 3 days or until one week. Usually government more preferred to do the induction programme about a week rather that private organization just do within 3 days.

Through induction programme new employees can get know about company background in more detail, culture of the company, the top management and else. Inductions programme usually being conducted like having classroom style and added with refreshment games. Usually HR personnel are managing this induction programme.

In this new era, the emergence of technology required company to have the online induction system. This online induction system can help the HR personnel work easier because the new employees just need to have the password and just logon the online induction system to have the induction by them. They just sit in a place that connected with intranet line and start to read the entire requirement that need in the induction programme.

According to Kelly Rainer, 2007 stated that online induction system is a system online employee induction system which is easily manage and reporting of the induction process of new employees to expose new employee in their new environment organizations and promotion requirement.


Firstly as we know online induction system is required an intranet connection because it some of confidential to a company. The new employees who are joining the company will have the password and acid id to make them able to access the system. The input is the passwords of the new employees need to have to access the system.

Data based here means the online induction itself. How the system help the new employees with this induction programme. Basically the system will help the new employees easily to access the system because the system itself is a friendly user. The system will provide a lot of information that the new employees need to have and it is exactly will be the same as manual induction programme. The information will be the same like top management information, department information and also the company culture.

Data based also help the new employees to get know their bosses very well because this online induction system provide a complete information about the background of their bosses.

Lastly the output means what the new employees can get from this online induction system. The new employees are able to get know about their company background with detail information with no intermediaries so the information cannot be manipulated.


1. Reduce time consuming like before this induction programme will be conducted within one week but after having the online induction it just required a day induction.
2. Attractive and friendly user.
3. Deliver procedures; provide documents and online surveys to new employees.
4. Have good reputation of company (image corporate)


1. High cost for small organization. That means the system itself required a lot of money to be implement it. Only big companies are affordable to have this system.
2. Lack of supervision that means the new employees are made the online induction by themselves without guidance. With this situation the new employees may be get use the intranet connection with wrongly.
3. Probability to lose the data is high. This is due to the system that we use. When the computer or the systems itself were attack by virus all the data cannot be save. In this situation the data may be lost if the company are not having the backup data on that.


Information technology is used to support an organization’s development since the information technologies and systems are fast becoming a necessary ingredient for business success in today’s dynamic global environment. To have the good reputation, company start to have the systematic procedure like online induction programme.

Ref: Kelly Rainer, 2007, Human Resource Information System 2009, Sage Publication.



Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. Recruitment can be define also involves the utilization of organizational practices to influence the number and type of individual who are willing to apply for job vacancies. Recruitment also can focus on internal labor market or the external labor market through job posting, internship programme and else.

Staffing can be defined as a selection and training of individuals for specific job functions and charging them with the associated responsibilities. Staffing in management is that part of the process of management which concern with acquiring, developing, employing, appraising, remunerating and retaining people so that right type of person are available at right position and at right time in the organization. In the simplest term staffing is putting people to jobs.

In traditionally the process of recruitment and staffing are made by manually but in this emerging of technology this process conducted with a system. This system is call e-recruitment. E-recruitment is the process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources, in particular the internet. Companies and recruitment agents have moved much of their recruitment process online so as to improve the speed by which job candidates can be matched with live vacancies.

Method that need in the recruitment and staffing system

Job portal
While having the recruitment and staffing through online system job portal are the method that can company use to recruit employees. Posting the position with job description and job specification on the job portal and also searching for the suitable resumes posted on the job site corresponding to the opening in the organization. Although job portal is required a lot of money but it more convenience to use it.

Resume scanners
Resume scanner is one major benefit provided by the job portal to the organization. It enables to employees to screen and filter the resumes through pre-defined criteria and requirement of the job. That means employees who want to have a job they need to make a resume and then publish it into job portal so it required organization to screen their resume.

Online recruitment and staffing techniques
1. Give the detail job description and job specification in the job posting to attract candidates with the right skill and qualification at the first stage. Candidate also needs to make resume and publish it into job portal that provided.
2. After publish the job requirement that company need and candidates resume, e-recruitment system should be incorporated into the overall recruitment strategy of the organization. The recruitment system function to search the right candidates to the right job position.
3. Then after found the right candidate the system communication to the candidates that she/he is having an interview session that means she/he is move to the next stage of selecting.

Advantages having the online recruitment and staffing

1. Lower cost to the organization. Posting job online is cheaper than advertising in the newspaper. Publishing job vacancy in the newspaper is required a lot of money rather than publishing through online. This is because it always can make the candidate review.
1. While having the online recruitment it required no intermediaries. That means while the candidate what to fulfill the job vacancy they do not need to see the intermediaries and they just put their resume through online system.
2. Recruitment through online system gives 24/7 access to an online collection of resume. This is show that the candidate has not limit time to access the job vacancy.
3. Online recruitment helps the organization to view out the unqualified candidates in an automated ways.
4. Online recruitment also provide valuable data and information regarding the compensation offered by the competitors which help the HR manager to take various decisions like promotion, salary trends and else.


Online recruitment and staffing have much benefit to the organization. With the emergence of technology now a day it help a lot to fulfill the job vacancy that company need. Online recruitment and staffing is a new strategy that company use to select the best candidates because with this is had been automatically can trace the qualified candidates and just get out the unqualified candidates.

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2. Kimberly M. Lukaszewski, David N. Dickter, Brian D. Lyons, and Jerard F. Kehoe Human Resources Information System (2nd Ed.) Sage Publications.

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TRANSNATIONAL HRIS PART 2: HR System Architecture and Service Delivery and Model


The term global HRIS have been use to denote many different types of organizations, systems and environment. In word the term of global have been come one of the hottest buzzword in recent years. There are four type of model that represents a development of one company. There are multinational, global, international and transnational model that can company use to make their company performance more effectively.

The differences of four models are the technologies architecture that the system they use. Although there are considerable variation but we can still identify it. There are three type of technological architecture of the system. There are:-

· Standalone systems

· Data warehouse model

· Single integrated system model

Standalone systems

Standalone systems is the most basic models because the system in which is operating unit run by itself or can be said that independent system. It run and stands alone. There are no worldwide standard place and no link with each other. Business unit may be send via email, fax, telephone or just delivery by a person. This style may be become miscommunication with each other and cannot install a lot of data (data may be heavy).

Standalone system makes it difficult to analyze the data because it work alone and haven’t had the head quarter to report the problem. If the company has difficulties or problem the information is not easily to be sent to the HQ because the data are not in their system. These types of system architecture clearly identified a company as a multinational HRIS model.

The diagrams show that there are not link with each other. This will show the standalone system. Imaging that access point as a global data warehouse and wireless as a standalone system unit, so from this we can see that the wireless is not link with other and working alone. This may become many difficulties to accurate data and solving the problem. It is also can be said that this system is very slow system.

Data warehouse model

In computing data warehouse is a database use for reporting and analyze. The data stored in the warehouse is uploading from the operation system. The data may pass through an operational data store for additional operations before it is used in the data warehouse for reporting.

While using this data warehouse model to HRIS it can easily access all the data that we need. In the data warehouse all the operating units use the same software system with separate database instances set up for each region or country. In addition, in this data ware house model all unit run the same version of the software.

From this diagram we can see that data ware house model are using the same software for them easily to accurate all the data around the world if they have the region fancies. All the data can be easily to accurate because all the fancies of that company use the same software. All the data are standardized and automatically can be sent so all the user know how the data were generated and what is the element means.

This data warehouse model can be define as international model, what this means is according the international model it is an intermediary from global system to multinational system. So with this we can say that data warehouse model as same function with international model.

Single integrated system model

Single integrated system model is the most advanced model in the system architecture. With this model there are only one instance of the database, generally located at corporate headquarters. While updating all the data and information it can be automatically update inside the organization.

In the diagram above we can see that single integrated system model is advanced from the other two system because this system is link together. This system use the concept of sharing all the information so they link all the department and fancies together to make them easily connected with each other.

The single integrated system models also use the same screens worldwide, with appropriate changes language for different countries. Common use of this model is Airline Company. Airlines company use this model because they can easily connected with each branches around the world. For example Airasia have many branches around the world, so they need a model like single integrated model to link with each other.


In conclusion, one critical factor in deciding what type’s f HRIS model to adopt is the nature of the overall business model that the company already has in place. The entire three models have it advantages and weaknesses so company need to choose the right system to their company because when choosing the wrong system it can affect the performance of the company.

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In conclusion, from all that I had been study, HR function is become easier with help of Information Technology (IT).we can see the transformation of using the IT in the company. There are several strategies that company use to drive their business with help of IT such as cost leadership, alliance strategies, growth strategies and else. All this strategies are become effective because of IT itself.

After that we also know there are four basic models that company usually uses. There are multinational, global, international and transnational. Each of this model have their own strength and weaknesses.

Last but not least, what that I can say is, IT is very useful to make the HR function more effective and efficiency.

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Basically on this topic what can I share with all of you is they are three strategies need that drive organizations in selecting each model. Firstly the need for responsiveness through local differentiation. That means a company who are have many branch all over the world have to give an authority to their branches to make their decision based on their current culture and situation. In term of their system they must to have their own authorities (branch) to work with their self through government policy of their company. Secondly, the need for efficiency through global integration. With this we can say that the HQ of company has authorities to make decision and all the branches must follow it. Lastly the need for learning through leveraging worldwide innovation and knowledge sharing.

Multinational Model

From my understanding this model are creating because of they want to have their own authority to drive this business with their own platform or style. For example HSBC Bank, they have many branches all over the world and each of their branches has their own authority to drive the branch aligned with the current environment and culture of the country.

Global Model

This model is totally different from Multinational Model because this model is reverting with multinational model. Global Model is use the HQ authority to make all decision making and system to all the branches that they have. The driving force behind the global HRIS is a focus on maximizing efficiency and on building a single standardized organization within a uniform operating environment. The example of global company is Toyota Motor, BP, Cevron and else.

International Model

Allowing for local control over many decision, responsibilities and aspect, to carry out the goal. The great advantages of this model are focus on sharing, learning, adapting and transferring knowledge and expertise. This model is useful for development organization that still unbalancing skill set and operation around the world. It allowed for exploiting for innovation and creativity.

Transnational Model

This model is a complexity model that has the entire three models. It is also have ability to respond effectively and swiftly to the demand brought.

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After study and get good explanation from my lecturer about the changes in HRM merge with IT the next topic that I would like to share there is “Is for Competitive Advantages”. What it mean about information system competitive advantages? Those this related with HRIS? Are this are not have disadvantages? With this question I would like to share it more.

Role of ITS

A competitive advantage is an advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justifies higher prices.

Information system competitive advantage means we use the information technology system to gain the profit and opportunities in drive the company aligned with worldwide demanding. Information technology have it own role like IT can help to perform the task faster with minimum time, improve communication with workers, competitor and supplies. It also can facilitate collaboration like emergence with supplies (joint venture).

Basically, there are five competitive strategies that a company need and have used it. There are cost leadership, differentiation strategy, innovation strategies, growth strategy and alliance strategies. I’ll will discuss it and share some information about it.

Cost leadership strategy

With this strategy, the objective is to become the lowest-cost producer in the industry. Many market segments in the industry are supplied with the emphasis placed minimizing costs. If the achieved selling price can at least near the average for the market, then the lowest-cost producer in theory enjoy the best profits. This strategy is usually associated with large-scale businesses offering "standard" products with relatively little differentiation that are perfectly acceptable to the majority of customers. A low-cost leader will also discount its product to maximize sales, particularly if it has a significant cost advantage over the competition and, in doing so, it can further increase its market share.

For example the like TESCO HYPERMARKET. They give the lower price from other to attract the buyer to shopping with them compare to other hypermarket.

Differentiation strategy

This strategy involves selecting one or more criteria used by buyers in a market - and then positioning the business uniquely to meet those criteria. This strategy is usually associated with charging a premium price for the product - often to reflect the higher production costs and extra value-added features provided for the consumer. Differentiation is about charging a premium price that more than covers the additional production costs, and about giving customers clear reasons to prefer the product over other, less differentiated products.

We can see the BANKING SYSTEM like Islamic and conventional. They use different strategy to attract customer to save and make deal with them. Islamic system likely to use give lowers interest to their customer but in other side like conventional banking system they are offering like went save it with them we can get more profit rather than Islamic banking.

Innovation strategy

What I can say about these strategies is they likely to use unique products, services or markets. This products or services they tend to likely change to make a new innovation to their product or services

From my view, we can see L’OREAL PARIS product. Their product rapidly changes because they intend to make innovation to their product.

Growth strategies

Growth means expand. With this perception we know that growth strategies is like being expand and have many kind of product and services with one company. Growth also can be said like expand our company into global market.

Wal-Mart’s is a hypermarket that uses the online system to make and have ordering the product. With this kind of situation the Wal-Mart Hypermarket are being into global market because they use online system to sale their product.

Alliance strategy

It establishes the connection with customers, supplies, competitor, consultant and other company. It also include emerge with other company.

We can take Wal-Mart’s as example, they use the replacement system of inventories like they use the satellite to get know how many they need to be added their stock on current month. Then all the data are sent to their supplies to take action.

In conclusion, these five competitive strategies can drive the HR function with help of technology system. With this also, company can decrease the time consuming and budget of years.

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Basically in general we know the technology can help our work and life become easier and comprehensive. IT is the basic needed in our life now a day. In view of Human Resource Practitioner IT is some of technology are drive their work and task more comprehensive and effectively.

Changing or the key trend in HR with IT supporting can emergent the HR functions much faster. Information Technology (IT) is the key component of changing in HR. These changes can be seemed like from local to global and from administration to self-service. What I said from local to global is before this HR function is limited, but with IT it helps a lot.

Information Technology (IT) is a system that helps HR function can be share with worldwide. In example, we can see the changes of HR function like before this we buying a flight ticket with manual application like we have to go to airport and register it but with IT we can just go to front page of ticket airlines and book it. That means the changes from administration to self-service.

In addition, from my understanding, there is several type of differentiation of HRIS. The main focus in here is when we as HR Practitioner we need to use a system to make our work more effective. The most common system that HR Practitioner can be use is when to make daily operations, managerial, executive and boundary spanning. What is call daily operation is when HR use this system to make transactional process system like payroll process and attendance when came to work. In managerial system that commonly had been use is management information system like calculating for empowerment ratio for recruiting new employee in years.

Last but not least, from this topic we also can know about why HRIS is mostly needed in HRM. After make revision and have lecturing time there are several things that I can conclude here. Using HRIS in firm can increase the work performance and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency. Innovation also can be added in this field. If you to get more information just click this link….

“Information Technology drive Human Resource (HR) function”