Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Basically in general we know the technology can help our work and life become easier and comprehensive. IT is the basic needed in our life now a day. In view of Human Resource Practitioner IT is some of technology are drive their work and task more comprehensive and effectively.

Changing or the key trend in HR with IT supporting can emergent the HR functions much faster. Information Technology (IT) is the key component of changing in HR. These changes can be seemed like from local to global and from administration to self-service. What I said from local to global is before this HR function is limited, but with IT it helps a lot.

Information Technology (IT) is a system that helps HR function can be share with worldwide. In example, we can see the changes of HR function like before this we buying a flight ticket with manual application like we have to go to airport and register it but with IT we can just go to front page of ticket airlines and book it. That means the changes from administration to self-service.

In addition, from my understanding, there is several type of differentiation of HRIS. The main focus in here is when we as HR Practitioner we need to use a system to make our work more effective. The most common system that HR Practitioner can be use is when to make daily operations, managerial, executive and boundary spanning. What is call daily operation is when HR use this system to make transactional process system like payroll process and attendance when came to work. In managerial system that commonly had been use is management information system like calculating for empowerment ratio for recruiting new employee in years.

Last but not least, from this topic we also can know about why HRIS is mostly needed in HRM. After make revision and have lecturing time there are several things that I can conclude here. Using HRIS in firm can increase the work performance and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency. Innovation also can be added in this field. If you to get more information just click this link….

“Information Technology drive Human Resource (HR) function”

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