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TRANSNATIONAL HRIS PART 2: HR System Architecture and Service Delivery and Model


The term global HRIS have been use to denote many different types of organizations, systems and environment. In word the term of global have been come one of the hottest buzzword in recent years. There are four type of model that represents a development of one company. There are multinational, global, international and transnational model that can company use to make their company performance more effectively.

The differences of four models are the technologies architecture that the system they use. Although there are considerable variation but we can still identify it. There are three type of technological architecture of the system. There are:-

· Standalone systems

· Data warehouse model

· Single integrated system model

Standalone systems

Standalone systems is the most basic models because the system in which is operating unit run by itself or can be said that independent system. It run and stands alone. There are no worldwide standard place and no link with each other. Business unit may be send via email, fax, telephone or just delivery by a person. This style may be become miscommunication with each other and cannot install a lot of data (data may be heavy).

Standalone system makes it difficult to analyze the data because it work alone and haven’t had the head quarter to report the problem. If the company has difficulties or problem the information is not easily to be sent to the HQ because the data are not in their system. These types of system architecture clearly identified a company as a multinational HRIS model.

The diagrams show that there are not link with each other. This will show the standalone system. Imaging that access point as a global data warehouse and wireless as a standalone system unit, so from this we can see that the wireless is not link with other and working alone. This may become many difficulties to accurate data and solving the problem. It is also can be said that this system is very slow system.

Data warehouse model

In computing data warehouse is a database use for reporting and analyze. The data stored in the warehouse is uploading from the operation system. The data may pass through an operational data store for additional operations before it is used in the data warehouse for reporting.

While using this data warehouse model to HRIS it can easily access all the data that we need. In the data warehouse all the operating units use the same software system with separate database instances set up for each region or country. In addition, in this data ware house model all unit run the same version of the software.

From this diagram we can see that data ware house model are using the same software for them easily to accurate all the data around the world if they have the region fancies. All the data can be easily to accurate because all the fancies of that company use the same software. All the data are standardized and automatically can be sent so all the user know how the data were generated and what is the element means.

This data warehouse model can be define as international model, what this means is according the international model it is an intermediary from global system to multinational system. So with this we can say that data warehouse model as same function with international model.

Single integrated system model

Single integrated system model is the most advanced model in the system architecture. With this model there are only one instance of the database, generally located at corporate headquarters. While updating all the data and information it can be automatically update inside the organization.

In the diagram above we can see that single integrated system model is advanced from the other two system because this system is link together. This system use the concept of sharing all the information so they link all the department and fancies together to make them easily connected with each other.

The single integrated system models also use the same screens worldwide, with appropriate changes language for different countries. Common use of this model is Airline Company. Airlines company use this model because they can easily connected with each branches around the world. For example Airasia have many branches around the world, so they need a model like single integrated model to link with each other.


In conclusion, one critical factor in deciding what type’s f HRIS model to adopt is the nature of the overall business model that the company already has in place. The entire three models have it advantages and weaknesses so company need to choose the right system to their company because when choosing the wrong system it can affect the performance of the company.

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