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Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. Recruitment can be define also involves the utilization of organizational practices to influence the number and type of individual who are willing to apply for job vacancies. Recruitment also can focus on internal labor market or the external labor market through job posting, internship programme and else.

Staffing can be defined as a selection and training of individuals for specific job functions and charging them with the associated responsibilities. Staffing in management is that part of the process of management which concern with acquiring, developing, employing, appraising, remunerating and retaining people so that right type of person are available at right position and at right time in the organization. In the simplest term staffing is putting people to jobs.

In traditionally the process of recruitment and staffing are made by manually but in this emerging of technology this process conducted with a system. This system is call e-recruitment. E-recruitment is the process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources, in particular the internet. Companies and recruitment agents have moved much of their recruitment process online so as to improve the speed by which job candidates can be matched with live vacancies.

Method that need in the recruitment and staffing system

Job portal
While having the recruitment and staffing through online system job portal are the method that can company use to recruit employees. Posting the position with job description and job specification on the job portal and also searching for the suitable resumes posted on the job site corresponding to the opening in the organization. Although job portal is required a lot of money but it more convenience to use it.

Resume scanners
Resume scanner is one major benefit provided by the job portal to the organization. It enables to employees to screen and filter the resumes through pre-defined criteria and requirement of the job. That means employees who want to have a job they need to make a resume and then publish it into job portal so it required organization to screen their resume.

Online recruitment and staffing techniques
1. Give the detail job description and job specification in the job posting to attract candidates with the right skill and qualification at the first stage. Candidate also needs to make resume and publish it into job portal that provided.
2. After publish the job requirement that company need and candidates resume, e-recruitment system should be incorporated into the overall recruitment strategy of the organization. The recruitment system function to search the right candidates to the right job position.
3. Then after found the right candidate the system communication to the candidates that she/he is having an interview session that means she/he is move to the next stage of selecting.

Advantages having the online recruitment and staffing

1. Lower cost to the organization. Posting job online is cheaper than advertising in the newspaper. Publishing job vacancy in the newspaper is required a lot of money rather than publishing through online. This is because it always can make the candidate review.
1. While having the online recruitment it required no intermediaries. That means while the candidate what to fulfill the job vacancy they do not need to see the intermediaries and they just put their resume through online system.
2. Recruitment through online system gives 24/7 access to an online collection of resume. This is show that the candidate has not limit time to access the job vacancy.
3. Online recruitment helps the organization to view out the unqualified candidates in an automated ways.
4. Online recruitment also provide valuable data and information regarding the compensation offered by the competitors which help the HR manager to take various decisions like promotion, salary trends and else.


Online recruitment and staffing have much benefit to the organization. With the emergence of technology now a day it help a lot to fulfill the job vacancy that company need. Online recruitment and staffing is a new strategy that company use to select the best candidates because with this is had been automatically can trace the qualified candidates and just get out the unqualified candidates.

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